Matt Courtright

Matt Courtright Memorial

Matt Courtright, was one of our founding members and part if the Liberty Street Brewing family.

Matt Courtright, one of the founding members of he Sons of Liberty and part if the Liberty Street Brewing family.

On Saturday, August 24, 2013 Matt passed away as a result of a forklift accident at the Stone Brewery where he worked. Matt was an avid homebrewer in addition to being a full-time brewer at Stone and had his “a-ha moment” with craft beer when he first tried Anchor Steam. Before going to Stone he had lived here in Michigan and worked at Liberty Street Brewing Company where he helped found the Sons of Liberty Home Brew Club. Although only in his twenties when he died Matt had a great understanding of brewing, what made a great beer and he loved to share that knowledge with other brewers.

He also had dedicated himself to serving others: “Before he brewed beer, Matthew received his Master of Architecture from Savannah College of Art and Design. He also had a huge heart for serving others and sharing the message of Christ. In May 2013, along with a group of his closest friends and SCAD alum, Matthew teamed up with GoDesign to help build a school in Ethiopia. He was excited to combine his experience in architecture with his desire to help others all while sharing the Gospel. Being a part of this mission trip to Ethiopia truly was part of God’s plan for him, and the rest is still unfolding.” — Matthew’s family 

In the future the Sons of Liberty would like to hold an event or events to support Matt’s vision for helping others but until then please consider donating to the GoDesign memorial fund to help build a school in Ethiopia in Matt’s honor.

Additionally Stone Brewing Company has produced Matt’s Burning Rosids a beer based on a recipe that Matt had created. Proceeds from sales of this beer will also go to support Matt’s charity to help build a school in Ethiopia. Please visit the Stone, Matt’s Burning Rosids memorial page.

We miss you Matt! ~Cheers.